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School Letter Grades

There are many outcomes from a child's school experience involving academic achievement, social/emotional development, and physical maturity. In Fountain Hills Unified School District (FHUSD), we strive to provide opportunities where our students can grow in each of these areas. At the state level, public school academic accountability is measured through the A-F letter grade system for which the current system has been in place since 2017. The recent release of the school letter grades from the Arizona Department of Education indicate we do have reasons to celebrate in the academic arena. For 2018, Fountain Hills High School achieved an "A" grade, and Fountain Hills Middle School achieved a "B" grade from the state. McDowell Mountain does not receive a letter grade because it only serves kindergarten through 3rd grades. The FHUSD school community achieves and celebrates educational excellence, and we will continue to dedicate our efforts to giving all students the opportunity to grow and excel in your schools. 

School Safety And Security

The Fountain Hills Unified School District (FHUSD) mission statement that "we achieve and celebrate educational excellence" is a core belief we have as members of the educational community. Academic achievement, however, can only occur in a school setting where student and staff security is a continued focus. To that end, FHUSD takes multiple steps to prevent and respond to critical incidents and situations impacting safety. 

It is well known that each school practices fire drills and lockdowns, but the planning goes well beyond these basic drills. The district and school emergency response plan (ERP) begins with a district emergency response team (D.E.R.T.) and school specific teams. These groups involve personnel from FHUSD, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Ft. McDowell Police Department, and Fountain Hills Fire Department. The D.E.R.T. team meets bi-annually to update prevention and response protocols, review team member roles and responsibilities, and review the district emergency response plan. School based teams meet regularly to review their site specific plans for both prevention and response to incidents. The district has undergone two site vulnerability assessments conducted jointly by the Federal Office of Homeland Security, MCSO, and Phoenix Police Department. The first assessment provided the basis for the school and district office lobby renovations completed in 2017. The second assessment completed in May 2018, will provide the guidance for addressing site perimeter security upgrades concerning both physical barriers and video cameras. 

FHUSD takes the issue of school safety very seriously and utilizes expertise from a variety of resources at the federal, state, and local level. We want parents to feel confident that when students attend school, it is in an environment that is conducive to learning supported by a caring staff and community resources dedicated to their well being.