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We are always up to something fantastic! On this page we will tell you about our upcoming events, relive and retell our past experiences, and give you bits of information that we think will be of help to you. Please visit this page often to see the exciting things going on at our school.

Updated Attendance Guideline

The January 11, 2019, edition of the Falcon Focus addresses an updated Arizona Department of Education (ADE) attendance guideline that is of importance to all families. State law requires that the schools must record all student absences and the reason for the absence. Absences fall into the categories of excused and unexcused. For the 2018–19 school year the Arizona Department of Education defined an excused absence as one of the following: illness, doctor appointment, bereavement, family emergencies, major religious holidays of a family's faith, and out-of-school suspensions. In order to record an absence as excused, the parent must notify the school in advance or at the time of the absence by the parent or other person who has custody of the student. If notification is not possible on the day of the absence, notify the school the day that the student returns to school. It is a school district decision to determine if we record absences due to a family vacation as excused or unexcused. We will record the absence as unexcused if the school receives no notification. Also, we will record an absence relating to any other term or condition not covered by either ADE or governing board policy as unexcused. This updated FHUSD attendance procedure is on the homepage of the district website and found under the Resource tab and then select attendance. 

The state formula for calculating our operating budget is primarily based on student enrollment and average daily membership. When a student absence count, either excused or unexcused, reaches 10% of the school year, continued absences may then result in reduced district funding for those periods of time. While we strongly encourage regular attendance as a significant factor that contributes to academic success, it also plays a role in determining the fiscal resources available for school and district operations. 

We appreciate your consideration of this state mandated guideline. 

FHUSD Performing Arts on Display

Since the beginning of November the FHUSD community has benefited from numerous school performances presented by over 200 students displaying their musical and dance talents and attended by well over 1,000 family members and friends. During the first week of November, Mrs. Perkins McDowell Mountain 2nd grade classes performed a musical tribute to veterans with a moving video tribute to family members who have served in the military. Mrs. Wilson's dance groups also presented performances that week before two packed houses in the high school gym. During the last week of November, Ms. Laughlin directed the 4th and 5th grade music program featuring both instrumental soloists and class vocal numbers. Last week Ms. Laughlin's middle school bands, made up of over 80 students, entertained another packed house in the middle school gym. Mrs. Perkins then presented the third grade holiday program for an enthusiastic crowd on Tuesday, December 11. On December 13, the high school choral and instrumental groups, including our state championship-winning band, concluded the season's festivities with an excellent show at the Fountain Hills Community Center. There were even alumni from both groups joining in on the final sing-a-long. I want to acknowledge the fantastic student participation and talent in our performing arts groups and the commitment of our teachers combined with the overwhelming family and community support. In FHUSD we achieve and celebrate educational excellence as evidenced by recent academic accomplishments, but we also strive to foster artistic and expressive opportunities for our students.