In the News

We are always up to something fantastic! On this page we will tell you about our upcoming events, relive and retell our past experiences, and give you bits of information that we think will be of help to you. Please visit this page often to see the exciting things going on at our school.

Pick-up Times

Morning middle/elementary school pick-up times have changed to five minutes earlier. Please note the new pick-up times, and have students at their pick-up location at least five minutes prior to pick-up.

Bus Transportation Changes

Making route changes during the school year is a difficult decision. We realize that routines have been established and changes impact more than just students. Sometimes change is necessary in order to continue to provide a safe and reliable transportation system. Our bus routes will be changing effective on Monday, March 18. Please see our revised school bus schedules for complete details on these changes.

The Season of Assessments

As a public school district, FHUSD administers a variety of academic assessments to district students. The data gathered from these tools will assist instruction, or evaluate purposes at the student or school level. While many are familiar with AzMERIT, there are a variety of other assessments given to students in certain grade levels and subjects each with different purposes. Some assessments determine class placements, some for state academic accountability, and others contribute to national data. Read the February 8, 2019 newsletter for information on some of the various assessments administered to students along with the purpose of the resulting data.