Superintendent's Welcome

Our mission in the Fountain Hills Unified School District (FHUSD) is to achieve and celebrate educational excellence. To that end, our teachers, administrators, and support personnel continuously look for ways to capitalize upon our strengths and unique characteristics in order to provide the best educational experiences for our students.

One of our unique characteristics and strengths is our size. Our schools are small, and this is not something for which I apologize. If you are of the belief that “bigger is better” when it comes to educational quality, I encourage you to do a simple Google search for advantages of small schools. On this topic, 50 years of research supports what common sense suggests. Little has changed since Barker and Gump (1964) proposed that even though larger schools are more impressive on the outside, closer examination demonstrates that smaller schools provide a better quality of education.  

In FHUSD, our small size affords our students outstanding opportunities to explore and develop their academic interests and skills in their early years and to pursue their passions while further honing their academic skills while in high school. Beyond our classrooms, students have tremendous opportunities to participate and excel in clubs ranging from drama to robotics to key club.  At Fountain Hills High School, students can develop their leadership and athletic skills by being a member of one or more of the 19 teams we field in a wide array of sports, including: basketball, cross country, track, tennis, football, baseball, softball, golf, soccer, volleyball, spirit squad, and wrestling. In addition, our marching band program and other fine arts opportunities are second to none. Regardless of a student’s particular interests and passions, our small size ensures greater opportunities.

Our schools are located in the beautiful town of Fountain Hills and adjacent to the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, both of which provide strong community support. Our focus is on meaningfully engaging our students with the curriculum, their peers, and the adults on our campuses, because engaged students connect to their learning, school, community, and world. To increase student engagement, we need engaged adults, and engaged adults include: parents who are involved in the education process, teachers who seek to continuously improve their practice and are committed to all students’ success, administrators who lead and support teaching and learning, and community and business leaders partnered with the district to support our mission and goals. 

Welcome to Fountain Hills Unified School District. Please join us, and together we will achieve and celebrate educational excellence.

Robert Allen

Robert Allen, Superintendent, Ed.D.