Latest News

We are always up to something fantastic! On this page we will tell you about our upcoming events, relive and retell our past experiences, and give you bits of information that we think will be of help to you. Please visit this page often to see the exciting things going on at our school.

Stay Connected

To find out what is happening in the district, please read the Falcon Focus. Information regarding your child's school can be found on their school's website.

Summer Youth Camps

This summer we are offering sports youth camps for a variety of ages. Please visit our Summer School page for more information on schedules and registration.

Online Annual Registration for the 2021—2022 School Year

Please complete the online annual registration. This online process replaces the piles of paperwork completed by hand at the beginning of each school year. Simply go to your PowerSchool parent portal account, click on forms to the left and complete all Student Information forms. We are already feverishly working on planning for next school year and this information is imperative in the process. Should you have any challenges with completing this online process, please contact your school's registrar. We are always happy to help. Please know that we will not give students with incomplete registrations a schedule or assign a teacher until the registration is complete.