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AzMERIT Assessments

In the spring of 2017, like all other public school districts in Arizona, Fountain Hills Unified School District participated in the third year of AzMERIT testing. We give AzMERIT assessments to all students in grades 3 through 11 in the areas of English language arts (reading and writing) and math. If your student tested last spring, their individual results have been sent home to you already. 

At the October 4, 2017, governing board meeting I will be sharing information related to how our students performed over a three-year period on AzMERIT. In general, we have seen steady improvement in results at most grade levels in both ELA and math. A few of the highlights from the spring of 2017 results include seeing our third grade combined percentage of students who scored proficient or highly proficient increase from 49% to 65% in ELA and from 49% to 72% in math. These significant gains were realized at McDowell Mountain while proficiency levels statewide remained basically flat at approximately 42% and 46% respectively. At the high school, we saw a double-digit increase in students proficient or highly proficient in algebra, increasing from 47% to 57% between 2016 and 2017, compared to the state average increasing from 36% to 39%. More impressively, the percentage of our geometry students who scored at the proficient or highly proficient levels increased from 46% to 63% while the state average decreased 1% point from 35% to 34%. I tip my hat to the students, parents, teachers, and principals who put in the time and effort necessary to realize such improvements. 

FHUSD Maintenance and Operations Override Election

A maintenance and operations override special election will take place on November 7, 2017. We encourage you to read the superintendent's letter in the September 8 issue of the Falcon Focus for important information regarding the special election and what it means for our community.